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If you're looking for immediate tax relief for hefty penalties or back taxes, Taxation Solutions, Inc. is your answer. We offer unbeatable solutions to a wide variety of tax problems, ultimately providing you with an effective tax resolution plan that will be beneficial to both you and the IRS or state tax authority. We've been providing the residents of Overland Park and the surrounding communities with professional tax help services since 2008, and with over 40 years of combined experience, our tax consultants know what it takes to negotiate with the authorities to procure a satisfying solution to all of your tax issues. If you're steeped in debt and penalties, or you've actually been threatened with wage garnishment, contact Taxation Solutions, Inc. as soon as possible.

Tax Resolution ServicesAt Taxation Solutions, Inc., we understand the urgent need for prompt tax debt relief. When your tax problems keep snowballing, generating more and more penalties and debts, tax resolution can seem like an unreachable goal. But with the help of our specialists, you'll be able to devise a customized plan for repaying your debts and/or avoiding costly penalties. We ensure our customers are aware of the full extent of their rights in relation to their tax issue. Drawing on over four decades' experience handling a variety of tax situations, we'll be able to help you negotiate with the tax authorities and come to a variety of possible tax settlements.

When you work with Taxation Solutions, Inc., your tax relief may come in the following forms:

Whether it's a partial-pay installment agreement (PPIA) or the release of a bank levy, our team will create a personalized plan for you that will put a stop to all of your tax issues. Our tax help professionals are deeply knowledgeable about some of the most effective tax relief strategies available, and we'll work tirelessly to make sure you're able to get your finances back on track quickly and correctly. Taxation Solutions, Inc., will provide you with sympathetic counsel and sound advice, even functioning as a liaison between you and the IRS or the state Department of Revenue. Whether you're an average taxpayer or small business owner, we're the team to call to get your finances back on track. Call or e-mail us today for your free consultation!

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