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IRS Audits

If you've recently received notice of an impending IRS audit, it's difficult to know what your next move should be. Navigating the waters of a tax audit is an extremely complicated and challenging task, which is why the average taxpayer is more or less clueless when facing this ordeal. But if you're an Overland Park-area taxpayer, you're in luck: Taxation Solutions, Inc. is the region's answer for legal representation and professional guidance when it comes to a variety of different tax issues, including tax audits. Our expert tax professionals are here to offer help with IRS-related matters and to ensure that you're outfitted with truly knowledgeable and reliable representation. When it comes to an official IRS tax audit, you want to make certain that you come out unscathed, and the only way to do that is to pick up the phone and call Taxation Solutions, Inc. for help with IRS concerns large and small.

With more than four decades of combined experience in the field, our team of fully licensed and insured tax professionals is dedicated to providing local taxpayers with all of the sound advice and tax-related knowledge needed to procure satisfying results for any number of different tax issues—and a tax audit is no exception. When you're contending with the challenges presented by an IRS audit, you'll be forced to divert a considerable amount of your time away from work and family in order to organize all of your financial records and compile evidence to substantiate all of your claims. At Taxation Solutions Inc., we'll help with IRS auditing inquiries by working side-by-side with you on all of these tasks, ultimately helping you get the best possible outcome for your IRS tax audit.

Whether you merely forgot to complete a field on last year's tax return or there was a bigger issue with your itemized deductions, your IRS audit will subject you to a great deal of scrutiny. To secure a positive result from the audit, you'll need the expert assistance of Taxation Solutions, Inc. as you sift through all of your relevant documents and receipts. We'll identify any red flags along the way, and we'll even attend the audit as your representative so that you can spend your valuable time elsewhere. So if you're seeking help with IRS audit documentation or you require legal representation to work with the tax audit officials, then we're the team to call. Offering free consultations and affordable rates, Taxation Solutions, Inc. is your solution for a problem-free IRS audit. Contact us by phone or e-mail today!

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